About HVA

The Hospitality Vancouver Association was formed over 15 years ago to advocate for and to protect the business interests of its members in the Granville Entertainment District and Davie Village Corridors. Our vision is to create a safe, diverse, and sustainable night-time economy that enriches the lives of residents, businesses, and visitors in our city.

We envision a night-time economy that is characterized by a diverse array of cultural and entertainment offerings, thriving businesses, and engaged and connected communities. We believe that a successful night-time economy is one that promotes inclusivity, celebrates diversity, and fosters a sense of belonging among all who participate in it.

Together, we can create a world class night-time economy – a place where people come to experience the best that our city has to offer, and to connect with one another in ways that are meaningful and transformative. We are committed to realizing this vision, and to working tirelessly to ensure that our night-time economy continues to thrive and evolve in the years ahead.

Building a Better Vancouver With You.