Hospitality Vancouver Association (HVA) has identified an opportunity to explore what a thriving night-time economy in the City of Vancouver (CoV) could look like. There are a number of examples of this invisible economy in global cities (e.g., Amsterdam, Washington, New York, and Toronto) that demonstrate how a well-supported strategy (government policies, planning, etc.) promotes economic, cultural, and social resilience. An intentional and collaborative approach that centres the community can create social cohesion and is inclusive of all identities, cultures, and ages. 

As a respected association, we want to take a leadership role in connecting and convening the community in co-creating a vision for the night-time economy in Vancouver. We have partnered with Destination Vancouver and Downtown Van to conduct the most extensive industry, stakeholder and public consultation related to the night-time economy in Vancouver history. 

Our team has designed a robust engagement strategy to bring the voices of the community to the table and be a tool to build upon the collective power of the community. We believe that in taking a holistic approach and centring the voices of stake and rightsholder, we can steward the development of an equitable night-time economy strategy that can transform and catalyse a just society. This is an investment into the future of the city that generates economic growth and resiliency, removes municipal barriers, promotes well-being, and creates a vibrant, livable, and prosperous Vancouver.


Our vision is to create a safe, diverse, and sustainable night-time economy that enriches the lives of residents, businesses, and visitors in our city. 

We envision a night-time economy that is characterised by a diverse array of cultural and entertainment offerings, thriving businesses, and engaged and connected communities. We believe that a successful night-time economy is one that promotes inclusivity, celebrates diversity, and fosters a sense of belonging among all who participate in it.

Together, we can create a world class night-time economy – a place where people come to experience the best that our city has to offer, and to connect with one another in ways that are meaningful and transformative. We are committed to realising this vision, and to working tirelessly to ensure that our night-time economy continues to thrive and evolve in the years ahead. 


  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Economic Growth and Stability
  • Environmental Sustainability

Through our work, we aim to create an environment in which night-time businesses can flourish, residents can enjoy their city after dark, and visitors can experience all that our city has to offer. We believe that a well-supported night-time economy can be a powerful driver of economic growth and community development, and we are committed to ensuring that our city is a leader in this field.

We are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of safety and security in our night-time economy, and to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to address any issues or concerns that arise. We believe that by working together, we can create a night-time economy that is welcoming, dynamic, and sustainable for generations to come.

Night-time Economy Office

Proposed Mandate of the Office: A single point of contact that supports and promotes a safe, vibrant, diverse, and sustainable night-time economy that benefits residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

* Night-time economy is (defined as tourism, hospitality, arts, cultural and economic activity taking place between 5pm and 4am.)

Key Actions of the Office

  • Collaboration and support: The office will collaborate with and support local businesses, community groups and government agencies operating in the night-time economy by providing them with resources, advice, and assistance to help them succeed.
  • Enhancing public safety: The office will promote a safe and vibrant night-time economy by working with law enforcement, emergency services, and community groups to enhance public safety to reduce crime and disorderly behaviour.
  • Promoting culture and entertainment: The office will promote a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene (including live music, theatre, and other events) as well as encourage the development of new night-time businesses and cultural activities that attract residents and visitors, and contribute to the economic growth of the city.
  • Managing community concerns: The office will work with local residents and businesses to manage concerns (i.e., safety, environmental, etc.) associated with the night-time economy.
  • Developing policies and regulations: The office will develop policies, regulations, and programs that govern the night-time economy, including zoning laws, noise ordinances, and licensing requirements for businesses.
  • Conducting research and analysis: The office should conduct research and analysis to better understand the night-time economy, including its economic impact, demographic trends, and public safety issues.
  • Fostering partnerships: with other night-time economy offices, industry associations, and academic institutions to share best practices, and promote innovation in the field

We aim to foster a sense of inclusivity, belonging, and community engagement, as well as promote economic growth and development. We are committed to the highest standards of safety and security, and to working collaboratively with all stake and rightsholders to address any concerns. 


It’s important that we hear from a diverse group of people and perspectives when considering the night-time economy. We will be taking a holistic approach to engaging the community and validate the following proof points by:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the pain points, needs, and desires of stake and rights-holders; 
  • Infuse greater economic activity beyond the ‘9-5’ that is sustainable;
  • Breaking down silos and bridge cooperation between sectors/industries (tourism, hospitality, local government, etc.);
  • Bridging understanding and differences across cultures and divides to build healthy communities;
  • Promoting the growth and development of talent in the creative industry; and
  • Fostering a culture of innovation to establish and scale a signature event that showcases what the City of Vancouver has to offer the world.

We will do this through a mixed methods approach (collect and analyse both quantitative and qualitative data) that’s based on grounded theory research. There will be opportunities for industry, allies, partners, and the community to share their thoughts and insights via 1:1 consultations, a design jam, as well as a survey. The results of this consultation engagement will be presented with recommendations to Vancouver City Council and we hope the findings will set the table for the next generation of Vancouver’s incredibly important night-time sector.


We’d love to hear your input on the Nighttime Economy. Please add your voice via our survey:

All entries are anonymous and confidential.